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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 This done, he aſſembled ſuche forces as hee was able to make, ſo that he got togither to the number of .xj. hundred horſemen, & tooke order to forlay, & ſtoppe the paſſages, ſo as the Erles frendes and tenants in Northumberlãd, ſhould not go vnto him. After this hauing in his com|pany the Lord Ogle, [...] For|ſter keepeth [...] caſtell a|gainſt the re| [...]s. and Thomas Forſter his brother and other Gentlemen, to new Caſtell, where with Thomas Gower Eſquire, yt had the principal rule therof at that preſent, he tooke order for the defence of that towne agaynſt the rebelles. [...] Hẽry Per|cy againſt his brother the [...]le of Nor|thumberland. Hither came to him ſir Henry Percy, offeryng his ſeruice agaynſt his brother and o|ther the rebelles to the vttermoſt of his power.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Herevpon diuers excurſions were made forth of Newcaſtell into the Biſhoprike, where the two Earles were encamped, and ſundry ſkir|miſhes chanced betwixte the parties, though no great hurte followed thereof. The Earles yet one day came from Durham, and with theyr army marched towards Newcaſtell. Sir Iohn Forſter & ſir Henry Percy, hauing intelligence thereof, iſſued foorth of Newcaſtell with all their forces and certayne peeces of great ordinance. They had alſo with them certaine bands of the Souldiers of Berwike, meanyng verily to haue ioyned battel with the Erles, Sir Henry Percy ſhewyng himſelfe as willing & foreward ther|to as any other in all the cõpanies. At Cheſter Dean,Cheſter Dean. midway betwixte Durham and New|caſtel, the armies approched the one neare to the other, a ſmall brooke running in a hollow, deui|ded them in ſunder, ſo that there was no paſſage for them to conuey their ordinaunce ouer, the bankes on eyther ſide beyng ſo ſteepe and com|berſome. Wherevpon the Earles perceyuing that they were diſappointed of their purpoſe, af|ter ſome ſkirmiſhes betwixt the horſemen, they returned vnto Durham, and frõ thence the next day they went to Hexham, and after beyng in vtter diſpaire fledde into Scotlande,Therles of Northumber|land & Weſt|merland flee into Scotland. where the Erle of Weſtmerlande light among thoſe that ſhifted him away ſo from place to place, that he eſcaped out of that realme, when he coulde no longer remayne there in ſuertie: but the Earle of Northumberland fell into their handes, whiche deliuered him vnto the Regent, who thought he coulde do no leſſe than to put him in ſafe kee|ping, conſidering the amitie that was betwixte the twoo Princes, the Queenes Maieſtie of England and the King of Scottes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 But ſhortly after the Regents as ſhe was ri|ding through Lithquho,


The earle of Murrey Lord Regent ſlaine.

was wickedly ſhotte in with an harquebuſe by one Iames Hamilton, and ſo wounded, that the next day he died of the hurte. After whoſe death the Lordes of the Kings parte with generall conſent wrote let|ters vnto the Earle of Lennox then remayning in England, to repayre home with all conueni|ent ſpeede into Scotland. Ye may reade in the hiſtory of England,Page. 1842. in what ſorte the Earle of Suſſex Lorde Lieutenant of the North partes entring into Tinidale the .xvij. of Aprill, hee at the Moſſe tower, the towne of Crawling, the caſtell of Ferniherſt, the towne of Howike, and the caſtell of Brauxton, that belonged to the laird of Buclewgh, with diuers other caſtelles; Piles, Townes, and Villages, and Hamlettes belongyng to the lairdes of Ferniherſt, Bu|clewgh and others in thoſe parties: alſo how the Lorde Scroupe inuaded the Weſt bordures of Scotlande the ſame time.Page. 1843. And likewiſe how the ſayde Earle of Suſſex warne the Caſtell of Hume,Pag. 1844. & 1845. with diuers other maters whiche here I paſſe ouer, referring you to the ſayd hiſtory.

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