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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Muche a doe and greate trouble aroſe within Scotlande,Great [...] in Scotland [...] by reaſon that the Hamiltons and their adherents made partes againſt the Regẽt, and thoſe other Lordes that gouerned vnder the King, whereof as I haue no certayne notes, ſo I muſt paſſe the ſame with ſilence.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 In the yeere .1569. Rebellion [...] the North [...] England, by the barle of Northumber|lãd and Weſt|merland. the Erles of Northum|berlande and Weſtmerlande reyſed a rebellion againſt the Queenes Maieſtie of England, but by the good diligence and prouident circumſpe|ction of the Erle of Suſſex, then Lieutenant of the North partes, and of ſuch direction as was giuen by hir Maieſtie and hir Counſell, for the leuying of an armie vnder the leadyng of the Erle of Warwike, & the Lord Admirall Clin|ton, the ſayd two Earles were kept ſo in feare, that they durſt not aduaunce farre forewarde in theyr wicked begonne enterprice, but were con|ſtreyned to retyre backe towardes Dureſme, wherevpon the Earle of Suſſex ſuppoſing that theyr meaning was for their laſt refuge and ſa|uegard to take the caſtels of Alnewike & Wark|worth, he wrote vnto Sir Iohn Forſter Lord Warden of the middle Marches, eyther by were policie or ſome other meane, to gette into his handes the poſſeſſion of thoſe two Caſtels, and the ſame to fortifie with ſuche number and gar|niſons of menne, as to his diſcretion ſhoulde be thought conuenient, for the ſaufe cuſtodie and garde thereof. Sir Iohn Forſter beyng at his houſe neare to Alnewike, when he receiued theſe letters, accompanied with his ſeruants, frendes, and tenants, and ſome ſouldiers that were come EEBO page image 511 to him from Berwike, marched vp to the caſtell on foote, where finding the houſe garded with a great number of the Earle of Northumberlãds ſeruants and tenaunts, he made Proclamation before the caſtell gate, that euery of them within the caſtell ſhould come foorth and withdraw to theyr owne houſes,Proclamation [...] at Alne| [...] by ſir [...] Forſter. vpon payne to be reputed re|belles to the Queenes Maieſtie, and that which of them ſoeuer did refuſe to obey this Procla|matiõ, ſtaying either in the caſtell or els where in any vnlawfull aſſembly, it ſhould be lawfull for euery man to ſpoyle his goodes, and him to kill if he made reſiſtance. This Proclamation notwithſtanding, they within the Caſtel, at the firſt refuſed to yeelde it vp, & therevpon ſir Iohn Forſter marched through the towne into the market place, and there made the lyke Procla|matiõ in behalf of all the inhabitants that were the Earle of Northumberlandes tenauntes, for their repayring home to their houſes, and com|ming herewith backe towardes the caſtell, they within perceyuing themſelues deſtitute of ſuc|cour, [...]e caſtell of [...]wike and [...]arkworth [...]d by ſir [...] Forſter. & Sir Iohn Forſter to increace in power, they vpon better aduiſe yeelded themſelues vnto him, who ſaued all theyr liues. After the ſame maner he got alſo the caſtell of Warkworth, & fortified them bothe with ſufficient numbers of men.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 This done, he aſſembled ſuche forces as hee was able to make, ſo that he got togither to the number of .xj. hundred horſemen, & tooke order to forlay, & ſtoppe the paſſages, ſo as the Erles frendes and tenants in Northumberlãd, ſhould not go vnto him. After this hauing in his com|pany the Lord Ogle, [...] For|ſter keepeth [...] caſtell a|gainſt the re| [...]s. and Thomas Forſter his brother and other Gentlemen, to new Caſtell, where with Thomas Gower Eſquire, yt had the principal rule therof at that preſent, he tooke order for the defence of that towne agaynſt the rebelles. [...] Hẽry Per|cy againſt his brother the [...]le of Nor|thumberland. Hither came to him ſir Henry Percy, offeryng his ſeruice agaynſt his brother and o|ther the rebelles to the vttermoſt of his power.

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