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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Dunfreis.The .xviij. of Iune they marched to Dun|freis, and remayned there all the nexte day. A ſtrong houſe ſtanding in that towne and apper|teyning to the Lord Maxwell was offered vn|to them. Diuers of the Maxwels, Iohnſtons, Yrrewines, Grahames & Belles came into the Regent, and offering themſelues to be obedient, were receyued. Twoo dayes before this, the lord Maxwell, the Landes of Iohnſton, Cowhill, & Louchinwar, had bene at Dunfreis with a thouſand men and ſpent al the vitayles. It was thought that the Lord Maxwell woulde haue come in if the other had not counſayled him to the contrary.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The .xx of Iune they marched to Hoddom, a place belonging to the Lorde Haries, a thou|ſand of the broken men were aſſembled and of|fered ſkirmiſhe, twoo or three were taken: they lay within a myle of the Regent that night.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The .xxj.Hoddom yeeldeth to the Regent. The Laird of Drumlanrig. the houſe was yeelded, and the cuſto|die thereof committed to the Laird of Drum|lanrig that was appoynted Warden of thoſe marches. It was thought very ſtrong, ſo that the defendants might haue kept it longer if they had bene diſpoſed. Great hunger began to pinch in the armie, a pinte of wine was ſolde at .vij. ſhillings Scottiſh, and no bread to be had for a|ny money. The Regent ſente foorth the Earle of Morton, & the lord Hume with a thouſande men, to trie if they might haue drawen the bro|ken men to a chaſe, but it would not be, for they went theyr wayes, and would not tarrie it.

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