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Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 510 Skirling ca|ſtell.The .xij. of Iune Skirling caſtel was raſed, a fayre houſe, to the ende that other vnderſtan|ding thereof might bee put in the more feare. That night they came to Crawford,Crawford. where the Caſtell was to them ſurrendred. It belonged vnto Sir Iames Hamilton, whom they had in their handes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Saucher.The .xiij. of Iune they marched to Saucher a caſtell, the whiche beyng rendred they ſpared, bycauſe the Lord Chrighton the owner thereof promiſed at a certayne day to come to the Re|gent vnto Edenburgh. The .xiiij. of Iune they came to Barbacaſt,Barbacaſt. where they lay that night, & the Laird Wederborne was ſent to ſpeake with the Laird of Louchinware. Wedneſday the xv. of Iune, they marched to a place called S. Iohn Sclaghan,Saint Iohn Sclaghan. ſtaying there in truſt of the Laird of Louchinwares comming vnto them, but he came not, wherevpon the next day being the .xvj. of Iune,Kenmure. they raſed ye houſe of Kenmure & an other houſe alſo, for that the owners were frendes to the ſayde Louchinware. The .xvij. of Iune they came to a Gentlemans houſe, ſtã|ding by the water of Vr,The water of Vr. where diuers Gentle|men came in, and were receyued.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Dunfreis.The .xviij. of Iune they marched to Dun|freis, and remayned there all the nexte day. A ſtrong houſe ſtanding in that towne and apper|teyning to the Lord Maxwell was offered vn|to them. Diuers of the Maxwels, Iohnſtons, Yrrewines, Grahames & Belles came into the Regent, and offering themſelues to be obedient, were receyued. Twoo dayes before this, the lord Maxwell, the Landes of Iohnſton, Cowhill, & Louchinwar, had bene at Dunfreis with a thouſand men and ſpent al the vitayles. It was thought that the Lord Maxwell woulde haue come in if the other had not counſayled him to the contrary.

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