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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Herevpon the thirtenth day of May afore mencioned, the Queene with hyr power mar|ched from Hamilton, by the South ſide of Clede towarde Dunbertane, and out of Glaſ|quho on the other parte marched the Lorde Re|gent with his forces, ſo as at length bothe the armies mette at a place called the Langſide,The armies meete at the Langſide. neare to the houſe of Catcart within twoo myles of Glaſquho.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 There were on the Queenes parte the Earles of Argile, Caſſilles,Lordes vpon the Queenes parte. Eglinton and Ro|thes, Claude Hamilton ſonne to the Duke of Chatellerault, the Lordes Seaton, Somer|uille, Yeſter, Borthwike, Leuingſton, Heries, Maxwell, Sauquhar, Bord and Ros, Lairdes & Knights Lochinwar, Bas, Wauchtõ, Dal|howſy, Roſſen ye Sheriffe of Air, ſir Iames Ha|milton & many other. On the regents part were theſe accõpted as principall, ye erles of Morton,Lordes on the Regents part. Mar, Glẽcarne, Menteith, the M. of Graham, the Lordes Hume, Lindſey, Ruthuen, Simpil, Ogiltree & Cathcart, of lairdes & knights, Bar+gawy, Blacquhã, Drumlanrig, Seſford, Lus, Buchannane, Tulibardin, Peteur, Grange, Lochleuin, Lethington, and ſir Iames Bal|four.They ioyne battayle. At the firſte ioyning there was a righte ſharp encoũter, for after they had beſtowed their ſhotte of Harquebuſies and arrowes, they fell to it with ſpeares and ſwoordes, but at length af|ter [figure appears here on page 508] .iij.The Queenes [...] [...]com| [...]. quarters of an houres fight, the Queenes parte was put to flight, the victory remayning with the Regent, who ſuffered none to be ſlaine but thoſe that were killed in the fighte, before they turned their backes: among the whiche were .xiiij. [...]e of Hamiltõs [...] ta| [...]. of the ſurname of the Hamiltõs kil|led. There were taken pryſoners about a three hundred, of whiche number the principall were theſe: The Lordes Seaton, & Ros, Sir Iames Hamilton, and many other of that ſurname. Of the Regents parte, the Lorde Hume was hurte in the legge and face, and the Lord Ogil|tree in the necke, by the lord Heries: the Lorde Lindſey, and the Lards of Drumlanrig, and of Grange, bare themſelues right valiantly that day, fayling not in any poynt that belonged to the duetie of hardie Capitaines. The Queenes partie was thought to be neare at the poynt of vj. thouſande men, & the Regents was reconed to be foure thouſand, ſo that there were a tenne thouſand men on the fielde that day, what vpon the one ſide and the other.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Earle of Huntley cõ|ming forward [...]de the [...]ne.The Earle of Huntley was comming fore|wardes to haue aſſiſted the Queenes parte, but the battel was ſtrikẽ, and hir people diſcomfited as ye haue heard ere he could come, and ſo he re|turned. In this battayle the valiancie of an Hieland Gentleman named Macferlane, ſtood the Regents part in great ſteede, for in the hot|teſt brunte of the fight, he came in with two hũ|dred of his friendes and countreymen, & ſo man|fully gaue in vpon the flanke of the Queenes people, that he was a great cauſe of the diſorde|ring of them. This Macferlane had bene lately before as I haue heard condẽned to die for ſome outrage by him committed, and obtayning par|don through ſuyte of the Counteſſe of Murray, he recompenſed that clemencie by this peece of ſeruice now at this battayle.

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