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Compare 1587 edition: 1 On Sunday the ſeconde of May, in the yeare 1568. at ſupper tyme the Queene eſ|caped out of Lochleuyn,


The queene eſcape out of Lochleuin.

by the meanes and helpe of George Dowglas brother to the Laird of Lochleuyn. The Lorde Seaton, the Laird of Ricartou and Iames Hamilton of Oribi|ſton were ready to receyue hyr, and conueyed hyr ouer the Queenes Ferry, firſte to Nudry the Lorde Seatons houſe, and from thence to Hamilton Caſtell, where ſhe remayned till the thirtenth day of May beyng thurſday,The Queenes gathereth a power. gathe|ring in the meane time ſuch forces as ſhe might from all places.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Earle of Murrey Lorde regent was in Glaſquho, at what tyme ſhee thus eſcaped out of Lochleuin, and vpon knowledge had thereof, meant at the firſte to haue withdrawen himſelfe vnto Sterlyng, but ſuddenly chan|ging his purpoſe in that behalf, he determined to continue at Glaſquho, whiche is not paſte an eyght myles from Hamilton,The Regent [...] determination to ſtay at Glaſ|quho. bycauſe hee was perſwaded, that if ſhe ſhould ſhrynke backe neuer ſo little, he ſhoulde encourage his aduer|ſaries, and diſcourage his frendes, and ſo conſe|quently weaken his parte greatly.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Herevpon the thirtenth day of May afore mencioned, the Queene with hyr power mar|ched from Hamilton, by the South ſide of Clede towarde Dunbertane, and out of Glaſ|quho on the other parte marched the Lorde Re|gent with his forces, ſo as at length bothe the armies mette at a place called the Langſide,The armies meete at the Langſide. neare to the houſe of Catcart within twoo myles of Glaſquho.

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