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Compare 1587 edition: 1 King Iames the ſixt._THe nientẽth of Iu|ly Charles Iames the yong Prince of Scotlande, after a Sermon made by Iohn Knokes, was crowned Kyng of Scottes in Ster|ling Church, where were redde certayne letters of commiſſion and procuration with the Queenes priuy ſeale at thẽ for the eſtabliſhing of the ſame coronation. The firſt for hyr re|ſignation of the crowne and gouernment of the yong Prince hyr Sonne. The ſeconde to au|thoriſe the Earle of Murrey to be regent during the Kings minoritie. The thirde, to giue au|thoritie, and power to ſeuen other ioynyng with the ſayde Earle of Murrey, in caſe he ſhould re|fuſe to exerciſe the ſame alone, that is to ſay, the Duke of Chatellerault, the Earles of Lennox, Argile, Athol, Morton, Glencarne, and Mar.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The tenors of whiche letters of commiſſion and procuration do here enſue, as we find them imprinted at Edenburgh by Robert Lekpreuie, Printer to the King of Scottes, the .vj. of A|prill Anno Chriſti, 1568. among the Actes of Parliament begonne, and holdẽ at Edenburgh the .xv. of Decẽber in the yeare .1567. by Iames Earle of Murray Lord Abernethie, &c. Regent to the ſayde King.

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