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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Earles of Argile and Murray, and the Lord Boyd, beeing at Lithquo, ſente to the Q. for their pardon, and obteyned it, beeing com|maunded neuertheleſſe to paſſe into Argile, and to remayne there during hir graces pleaſure, which commaundement they obeyd.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The Queene commeth to Edenburgh.The eyghtenth of March, the Queene wel accompanyed, came to Hadington towardes nyghte, and on the ninetenth day, the Biſhoppe of Saint Andrewes, and the Hamiltons mette hir at Muſkelburgh, and ſo likewiſe dyd the Lords Leuingſton, Flemming, Hume, Borth|wike, and manye other noble menne, and con|ueyd hir vnto Edenburgh: ſhee lodged in the Byſhoppe of Dunkeldes lodging, and tarried there a certaine ſpace, hauing with hir the Erles of Huntley, Athole, Bothwell, Crawfourde, Merſhall, Sutherland, Cathnes, the Biſhop of Sainte Andrewes and Roſſe, the Lordes Le|uingſton, Flemming, and diuers other noble men, by whoſe counſell order was taken for re|dreſſing of the ſtate of the Realme, whereby the ſame was ſhortly broughte to greate quiet|neſſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 After this, the Queene perceyuing hirſelfe to drawe neere the tyme of hir deliuerance, wente to the caſtell of Edenburgh, there to remayne til ſhe were deliuered of hir birth.

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