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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The morrowe following, beyng Monday, the erle of Murrey and the other that were ſom|moned, paſt to the Tolbuith of Edenburgh, and made their proteſtation there,They make their proteſta|tion. that they were readye to aunſwere in Parliament, and none appeared to accuſe them.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 After this, it was concluded to beene the Queene in ſtraight warde, but by hir politike demeanor, their purpoſe in that behalf was bro|ken: for by ſecret conference wyth the Kyng,The Queene had conference wyth the king. ſhe perſwaded hym to thinke, that he had ioyned himſelfe with thoſe that woulde be his deſtructi|on, if it happened with hir otherwiſe than well, as was no leſſe to bee doubted, by reaſon of the highe diſpleaſure that ſhee hadde taken beeyng quicke with childe: through the which perſwa|ſion, and other miſlikyng of things, hee depar|ted ſecretely with hir in the night ſeaſon,The King was ſoone per|ſwaded. accom|panied onely wyth twoo men, and fyrſte came vnto Seiton, and from thence to Dunbar,Huntley and Bothwell. whyther the Earles of Huntley and Bothwell haſtily repaired, by whoſe counſell; and other then with hir, ſhee cauſed Proclamation to bee made in dyuers partes of the Realme, charging al manner of menne in ſeate of warre,Proclamatiõs made. to come vnto hyr to Dunbar, to paſſe from thence vnto Edenburgh, within ſyxe dayes after.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Shee alſo ſente letters to the ſame effect vn|to dyuers noble menne of the Realme, who prepared themſelues with greate diligence to meete hir.

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