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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Queene alſo by the aduiſe of the King of Fraunce,Monſieur Doyſell. ſente Monſieur Doyſell into En|gland, to paſſe through the ſame into Scotland before hir comming, there to haue receyued the fortes of Dunbar and Inſkeith, of Monſieur Charleboys, and to haue kepte the ſame till hir comming, but he was ſtayed, and paſſed no fur|ther than to London, for it was thoughte that his going into Scotlande woulde turne to no great benefite of that Realme, bycauſe that hee EEBO page image 496 and Monſieur Rubey were the principall authours of all the troubles in Scotlande, be|twixte the Queene Regente, and the nobilitie there.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Queene was compa|nyed vnto Ca|lais.She was attended on from Paris vnto Ca|lais with many noble menne, namely hir ſyxe Vncles, the Dukes of Guiſe, and Daumale, the Cardinals of Lorayne and Guyſe, the Grand Priour, and ye Marques Dalbeuf, alſo ye Duke de Nemours, and other of hir friends and kinſ|men.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 She taketh hir iourney to|wards Scotlãd.There were two Galleys prepared, and cer|taine other Shippes to goe with hir into Scot|land, and there went with hir three of hir ſayde Vncles, the Duke Daumale, the Graund Pri|our, and the Marques Dalbeuf: alſo Monſieur Danuille the Conneſtables ſonne, and dyuers other.

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