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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſame time,The Caſtell of Roſſe taken. one Maiſter Donald Fra|ſher, Archdeacon of Roſſe, tooke the Byſhoppes Caſtell of the Chanourie of Roſſe, and kept the ſame againſte Maiſter Henrye Sincleir, then Biſhop there, and the chiefeſt men of authoritie in that Dioceſſe, as Machenȝee, Balnagoun, Foulis, and the Sheriffe Tramercy, who aſſẽ|bled aboute the ſame, and beſieged the Caſtell,The Caſtell is beſieged. where great force was vſed, both by them with|out to winne it, and of them within to defende it.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Biſhop being then reſident in Cromer|cy Caſtell, hearing that the houſe would not be gotten withoute great ſlaughter, thought it a|gainſt his conſcience, his profit, and honor, to winne it in that manner, and therefore ſending for Maiſter Iohn Leſlie, officiall of Aberdene, and Maiſter Alexander Dunbarre, Subchaun|tour of Murrey, by their labour, & diligent trea|ting in the matter,The Caſtell was reſtored againe. the Biſhop by reaſonable a|poyntmente recouered his Caſtell of them that held it againſt him.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The Frenche K. vnderſtanding in what di|ſtreſſe EEBO page image 494 his menne remayned that were beſieged within Leith, and perceyuing himſelfe not able to ſ [...]nd an army to ſuccour them within ye time that their neceſſitie required, thought good to trie if the matter might be taken vp, and to that ef|fect ſent two Ambaſſadors,

Ambaſsadors ſente.

Monſieur Monluc Bi|ſhoppe of Va|lence.

the Earle of Ran|don, and Monſieur Monluc Biſhoppe of Va|lence, who declared to the Queenes Maieſtie of Englande the cauſe of their comming, whiche was, to deſire hir to retire hir armye forthe of Scotland, vpon ſome ſuche reaſonable conditi|ons as might be agreed vpõ, and herewith they declared, that they were ſent to the Queene, and not vnto the ſubiectes of Scotlande, for it was not meete that the king ſhould ſend to his owne ſubiectes (as they were by the marriage of theyr Queene) to require peace, or to condition with them for agreement.An Ambaſ|ſage ſent by the Queene of Englande. The Queenes Maie|ſtie of Englande therefore ſente Sir William Cecill Knighte, hir principall Secretarie, and Doctor Wotton, Deane of Canterbury and of Yorke, one of the priuie Counſel, with the frẽch Ambaſſadors into Scotland.

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