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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Engliſhmen perceyuing that they were too raſh in aſſaulting the Towne, beeing not aſſaultable, deuiſed other ſhifts to obteyne theyr purpoſe, reyſing an other Mount of earth on the Weſt ſide of the water of Leith, and named it Mont Faulcon, Aloft on this Mount when it was brought vp to a great height,Mont Fauled they planted their greate artillerie, whiche continually beate into the Towne, ſore annoying them within, but ſpecially beating the houſes and places by the ſhoreſide, ſo that none mighte goe vppe nor downe the Towne on that part, without dan|ger to be ſlaine with ſhot from that Mount.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Frenchmenne during the time of the ſiege, many times iſſued forthe towardes the EEBO page image 493 ſands, and ſometimes towards the trenches, ſo that ſundry ſore ſkirmiſhes chanced betwixte the Engliſhmen and them, with the ſlaughter of diuers, both of the one part and the other.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Amongſt other of them within, there were ſlayne two Scottiſhmenne of name, to witte, Captayne Kenedie, and yong Henry Drum|mond: and of them without, there was ſlayne a Scottiſh Gentlemã, called the Lard of Cleiſch.

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