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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Queene Regente ſente vnto the Vice Admirall of that fleete, named Maiſter Win|ter, requiring to knowe of him, for what cauſe hee was come into thoſe waters, who aunſwe|red, that he had bin abrode on the Seas ſeeking after Pirates, and in caſe anye of them came thither, hee was arriued there in the Forthe to waite on them, where the principall cauſe in|deede was to impeache, that no Frenchman ſhoulde lande there, in caſe any came forthe of Fraunce, and alſo to keepe thẽ that lay in Inſ|keith from vittayles, and that no Frenchman ſhould paſſe by Sea forth of Leith.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 A Scottes Her|rault ſente to the Duke of Norffolke.Aboute the ſame time, the Queene Regent, hearing that the Duke of Norffolke was come to Newecaſtell, as generall Lieutenaunt of the Northe, ſente an Herrault with a letter to him, in whiche letter it was ſignified, that the Her|rault had credite to declare further matter than was conteyned in the ſame letter, but when hee was demaunded what hee had to ſaye, he deny|ed to haue anye credit at all, wherevpon Willi|am Flower, then Cheſter Herraulte,An Engliſh Herrault ſente to the Queene of Scottes. and now Norrey Kyng of Armes, was ſente vnto the Queene, who commyng to Holy Roode houſe neare to Edinburgh, was receyued by ſundry Herraultes, and ſo was had to one of theyr hou|ſes, and there kepte for that nyght.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The nexte daye after hee had dyned, he was brought to the Court, and at his entryng with|in the gates, there were a number of Harquebu|ſiers readye wyth their peeces that diſchardged, and ſhot off the ſame.

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