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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Herewith the Duke of Chatellereaulte, and the Lordes of the congregation, ſent to the Queene, beſieching hir to leaue off from ma|king of forts within the Realme, but ſhe would not graunt ſo to doe: wherefore they aſſembled their whole forces in Edenburgh, and beſieged the Towne of Leith in October,Leith beſie|ged. the Queene and Frenchmenne, with the Biſhops of Sainte Andrewes, Glaſquo, Dunfreys, the Lorde of Seton, and diuers other Scottiſhmen beeyng within it, but the Frenchmẽ of war iſſued forth of Leith, and the mette neere to the Abbey of Holy Roode houſe, with the Scottiſhe Lordes and their company,The Scottiſh| [...]ne are [...]quiſhed. where many Scottiſhmẽ were ſlayne, and the reſt chaſed into Edenburgh: the Frenchmen alſo following them to the gates of Edenburgh, hadde entred, if thoſe within the Caſtell had not ſhot off the artillerie at them, to ſtay the ſlaughter and purſute.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the time of this ſiege, the yong Larde of Lethington, Secretary to the Queene, beeyng with hir in Leith, left the Towne, and ſecrete|ly departing, gote him to the Lordes, and holp greately afterwards to obteyne ayde forthe of England.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Queene came to Edẽ|burghe.After this, the Queene and Frenchmẽ came to Edenburgh, whiche was peaceably rendred to them, where they remayned all that winter.

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