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Compare 1587 edition: 1 This yeare the ſixte of Iuly Edwarde the ſixte of that name kyng of Englande departed this life, and after him ſucceeded his ſiſter Ma|rie, eldeſt doughter to King Henry the .viij.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The couenãts & articles are perfected.In the lente, all the Lordes of the realme of Scotlande aſſembled at Striueling, where all the couenaunts and articles of agreement, be|twixte the Queene and the Gouernour were perfected and fully concluded,1554. and therevpon a Parliament appoynted to be holden in Eden|burgh,A Parliament. the .x. of Aprill nexte enſewyng: and in the meane time ye gouernour deliuered the caſtel of Edẽburgh,Edenburgh ca|ſtell deliuered to the Lorde Erskin to kepe vnto the Lord Erſkin to keepe as it were by way of aſſuraunce for his parte, that al things at that Parliament ſhould be accõpli|ſhed accordyng to the pointes of the agreement.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The Lordes then aſſemblyng in Parlia|ment at Edenburgh on the ſayde twelfth day of Aprill,The queene made gouer|nour by Par|liament. all the couenants of agreement had and made betwixte the Queene Dowarier and the Gouernour, were preſented and redde, touching the dimiſſiõ and giuing ouer of the Gouernours authoritie confirmed by the Queene hir ſelfe in Fraunce, with conſent of the King of Fraunce hir huſband, the Duke of Guyſe, and the Car|dinall of Lorayne hir curators, with a gifte of the Dukedome of Chatelerault vnto the Go|uernour, vnder the greate ſeales of Fraunce,The gouer|nour made Duke. and others to whom it appertayned. After this there was redde a confirmation of the three eſtates of Scotland touching the premiſſes, in which they bound themſelues to warrant the Queenes diſ|charge made to him, & to eſtabliſh him as ſecõd perſon of the realme, with other things contey|ned in the contract, to the whiche there in open Parliament all the eſtates ſubſcribed & put ther|vnto their ſeales: whiche done, the Gouernour gaue vp his office of Tutoriſhip,The gouer|nour reſigned his office vnto the Queene. in preſence of the ſayd eſtates, the Queene mother, & Mõſieur Doyſell beyng there preſent, who receyued the ſame in the Queenes name at that time remay|ning in Fraunce: and herewith preſently was a cõmiſſion ſhewed, giuẽ by the Queene of Scot|lande in Fraunce with conſent of hir curators, making the Queene Dowarier hir mother,The Queene giueth the go|uernãce of the realme vnto the Queene mother. re|gent of hir realme, whiche office ſhe tooke vpon hir, & was thereto admitted by the eſtates of the realme. Then was the Parliament newly authorized in the Queenes name, with conſent of hir curators, & in name of the Queene regẽt.

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