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Compare 1587 edition: 1 About the ſame time, there chãced a mutinie to ryſe betwixt the Scottes and Frenchmen in Edenburgh, by reaſon that a French ſouldier fel a quarelling with two or three Scottiſhmen, & falling togither by the eares,An affray be|twixt the frẽch ſouldiers, and the towneſ|men of Eden|burgh. diuers Scots that came to departe the fray woulde haue had the Frenchman to pryſon, but other Frenchmẽ be|yng there alſo preſent, woulde not ſuffer the Scottes to take him away. Wherevpon aroſe a great tumult and hurle amõg them, in ſo much that there were diuers ſlayne on bothe partes, namely Iames Hamilton Lard of Stanhouſe knight, capitayne of the Caſtel, and Prouoſt of the towne of Edenburgh with his ſonne, and M. William Steward one of the Queenes ſer|uants beſide ſundry others. For the Frenchmen doubting ſome contriued commotion agaynſt them; aſſembled togither in order of battayle in the ſtreetes, ſo that before the mater mighte bee appeaſed by the Capitaines that ſhewed theyr diligent endeuors therein, they had inough to do to bryng it to paſſe as they wiſhed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The beginner of this buſineſſe was hanged the ſame day in the market place of Edẽburgh, where he began firſt to pyke the quarrell.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Monſieur de Deſſe to ſhew that this variãce had not proceeded ſo farre as the bruyte thereof gaue foorth (for it was rather increaſed ye may be ſure than diminiſhed) vndertooke an enter|priſe in hand to winne the towne of Hadington by a camiſado,The Frenchmẽ giue a cami|ſado to Ha|dington, & are beaten backe. but in what ſorte they miſſed theyr purpoſe, and howe they were well beaten backe, and ſente away by the valiant manhood of the Engliſh capitaynes & ſouldiers thẽ with|in that towne, ye may reade further thereof in the Engliſhe hiſtory. There were ſeuen ſcore, ſome ſay three hundred ſlaine in the baſe court.

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