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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The Erle of Shrewſbury beyng come backe from Hadington vnto Dunglas, order was gi|uen for the buylding of a forte there, as in the Engliſh hiſtory further may appeare, and in the meane tyme Monſieur de Deſſe remayning in campe at Muſkelbourgh, hearing that the En|gliſh armie was remoued homewardes, & how diuers newe bandes of horſemen and footemen, beyng lefte in Hadington were ready to come foorth to ſkirmiſh abroade vpon ſight of the eni|my, he tooke aduiſe to trie if he might drawe thẽ forth to their loſſe, and thervpon was Monſieur Dandelot & the Reingraue appoynted to choſe foorth a thouſande of their luſtieſt footemen, the whiche with three hundred horſemen were con|ueyed and layde cloſely in ambuſhe, behinde a litle hill not farre from the towne. This done, a few horſemẽ were ſent forth to draw the En|gliſhmen out of the towne to ſkirmiſh with thẽ. The Engliſhmẽ wer no ſooner aduiſed that the enimies were there at hand in the field, but that all their horſemen iſſued out of the towne d [...]c [...]e with certayne footemen, and ſtreight had the Frenchmen in chaſe, who retyring, mainteyned the ſkirmiſh, of purpoſe to make the Engliſhmẽ more earneſt to come forewarde: but immedi|atly as Mõſieur de Deſſe ſaw his time, he gaue ſigne by ſounde of Trumpet to the footemen to breake foorth, who togither with the horſemen gaue ſo fierce an onſet vpon the enimies,The Engliſh mẽ put to the worſe at a ſkirmiſh neare to Hadington. that they were incontinently diſcomfited, and ſtryng toward the towne, were followed by the French euen harde to the Walles, diuers were ſlayne, and aboue an hundred taken pryſoners.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 After this Monſieur de Deſſe reyſed from Muſkelbourgh, and commyng to Lieth ſette in hande to fortifie that towne.Leith fortified The Marſhall Strozzi, and Monſieur Dandelot, with diuers other Capitaynes embarqued themſelfes in the Galey that yet remayned, tooke their courſe to returne into Fraunce, one of the ſame Galeys (they beyng eight in number,A galley takẽ. beſide a foyſt and a Brigandine) was taken by an Engliſh ſhippe called the Faucon, as ſhee paſſed through the EEBO page image 476 narrow ſeas at a place named the Southfur|long, ſhe beyng alone as it chanced the hinder|moſt of all the companie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 After the departure of Monſieur Dandelot, Monſieur de la Chapelle de Biron remayned Coronell of the French footemen in Scotland. As to the furniture on the water there remained now but foure Galeys vnder the guiding of one capitayne Bache an Italian,Capitayne Bache. a man of great ex|perience and approued ſkill. For ye muſt vnder|ſtand, that before the arriuall of the Engliſh na|uie and armie to the ſuccours of them in Ha|dington,Monſieur de Mallerie vice Admirall of Fraunce. Monſieur de Mallerie vice Admirall of Fraũce returned home with the fleete of ſhips yt had brought the French armie into Scotlãd.

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