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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Gouernour and the Scottiſhe Lordes beholding their enimies thus marching fore|warde, thoughte beſt to ſtay theyr enterpriſe, and therefore ſuddaynely notwithſtandyng theyr former determination, ruſhing forthe of theyr camp, paſſed forwarde to encounter theyr enimies.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 They were deuided into three battayles,The orderl [...] o [...] the Scot|tiſh battayle the Earle of Angus wyth certayne Lordes with him, leading the vantgarde, the Earle of Huntley and his friendes the rerewarde, and the Gouernoure accompanyed with the Earle of Argile and the reſt of the noble menne, were in the maine battayle. The Engliſhmen hauyng gote the hyll, and perceyuing the Scottes to come forwardes with greate haſt, ſtayed for their comming, but the Scottes were ſo raſhe and haſtie paſſing firſte through the water in their armour, and ſo vp towardes the hill, that continuing their marche with ſuche ſpeede as they ſeemed, rather to trotte than to keepe anye ordinarie marching pace, before they coulde come to ioyne with the Engliſhmen, they were almoſt out of breath, yet the Earle of Angus & the other in the vantgard boldly abid the charge of al the Engliſh horſemen,The Engliſh Horſemen beaten bac [...] & ſo rigorouſly ren|countred them, that ſlaying & beating downe no ſmall nũber both of mẽ and horſes, they put the reſt to flight, ſo that no ſmall part of them retired backe in ſuch diſorder, that they ran tho|rough the rankes of ye footemen in the fore ward, wherewith ſuche feare entred among the En|gliſhmẽ, that as hath bin reported, they had vn|doubtedly fledde,The valia [...]+neſse of the Earle of W [...]+wike. if the manfull courage of the Earle of Warwike had not bin ſhewed at that preſent, according to the wonted valure of hys often approued prowes, wherby he cauſed them to ſtay, and relie themſelues agayne. In the meane time, the battayle & the rerewarde of the Scottes aduaunced forwarde with great cou|rage, but ther was a Galley,The Galley and two pi+neſses. and two pineſſes of the Engliſhe fleete which from the ſea ſhotte ſo terribly at the Scottiſh army, that ye ſame was not only ſore galled and endomaged therby, but alſo ſtayed, that they could not come eaſily for|ward, and herewith the Engliſh vantgard en|couraged with the comfortable wordes and be|hauiour of the Earle of Warwike, and other the Captaynes, made towards the Scottiſhe vantgard agayne, the whyche not able of it ſelfe to reſiſt, retired in good order to the greate bat|tayle of Scotlande, wherevppon the multitude fearing, by reaſon they ſawe them in the fore+warde thus retire (albeit in good order) that all hadde bin loſt, gaue backe, and tooke them to flight, whome the Engliſhmenne followed a|mayne, ſlaying the Scottiſhmenne downe on heapes in paſſing great numbers.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 469Many were alſo drowned in the water of Vndereſke, through the whiche they tooke their flight.

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