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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Moreouer, the Galleys at an high water approched on the Riuer ſide ſo neere to the Ca|ſtell, that with ſhot of Cannons and other ar|tillerie, they ſore annoyed them within, and ſlew diuers.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 EEBO page image 467The defendants perceiuing themſelues thus beſieged on all ſides and not able long to holde out, put forth a token vpon a ſpeares poynt, to ſignifie that they deſired parlee, whiche was graunted, and certaine of them comming forth, were admitted to talke with the Gouernoure, the Queene, and the Prior of Capoa. They of|fered to render the Caſtell, ſo they mighte de|part, and haue their liues ſaued with bagge and baggage,The Caſtell of [...] An| [...] yelded. but this would not bee graunted, the Gouernour vtterly refuſing it, at lẽgth he was cõtented to pardon thẽ of their liues, if the french King ſhould thinke it good, elſe to ſtande to hys pleaſure. The ſpoyle of the Caſtell was giuen to the Frenchmen, who vpon the ſurrender en|tring the ſame, lefte nothing behinde them that might ſerue them to any vſe in taking it away. All the principall men within it were led to the Galleys, and conueyd away into France priſo|ners at the Frenche kings diſcretion. Diuers of them were committed to ſundry priſons on the coaſt of Britaine, and others were appoynted to rowe in ye Galleis till ye yeare .1550. in which the priſoners were ſet at libertie, and the others that were in the Galleis were redeemed by their friends for certayne ſummes of money.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thus was the Caſtell of Sainte Andrewes rendred the nine and twentith of Iuly, foure|teene dayes after the arriuall there of the Prior of Capoa, [...]e Friar of [...] whereby his greate valiancie, well knowen afore that time, was ſo renued, as hys prayſe for his ſpeedie diſpatch and good ſucceſſe therein was much aduanced.

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