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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Gouernour in the meane time with an army paſt to the Weſt bordures to beſiege the Caſtell of Laugham, the whiche was kepte at that preſente by Michaell Wharton, hauyng then with him but ſixteene Engliſhmenne, who neuertheleſſe abid three or foure dayes ſiege, and ſeauen Canon ſhottes, and ſo yeelded the houſe to the Gouernoure, and heereby was the peace broken, firſte by the Scottes, euen as the En|giſhmen could haue wiſhed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Moreouer the ſame time, the Earle of Ro|thons was acquit by an aſſiſe as they call it of Earles & Lords, of an accuſation wherewith he was charged as confederate and partie with thẽ that had murthered the Cardinall.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Whileſt the Gouernoure was thus paſſed with his armye to the Weſt bordures, hee was aduertiſed that the Prior of Capoa was arri|ued, and entred into the Towne of Sainte An|drewes, wherevppon the Gouernoure, with all the Nobilitie that were then about him,The Caſtell of Saint Andrewes beſieged by the French. haſted thyther to aſſiſt the Prior, and ſo the ſiege was ſtrongly layd aboute the Caſtell there.

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