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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 In Aprill William Steward biſhop of A|berden likewiſe deceaſed, and maſter William Gordon Chãcellor of Murray, vncle to George Erle of Huntley, was by the Cardinals ſuyte promoted to that ſee, greatly to the diſpleaſure of the Erle of Angus that laboured to haue pre|ferred an other thereto. For this & other cauſes the Cardinal was greatly in hatred of ye Dow|glaſſes. This yeere alſo Montgomery other|wiſe called Monſier de Lorges,Monſieur de Lorges ſent into Scotland. knight of the or|der of S. Michael, was ſent by the French king with iiij. thouſand Frenchmen into Scotlande to aſſiſt the Scottes againſt England, he lan|ded at Dunbertayne, and came in good order to Edenburgh the xiij. of May: he brought with him from the French king the order of S. Mi|chaell, to inueſt therewith the, Lord gouernour,Knights of Michaels [...]|der. the Erles of Angus, Huntley, and Argile. Her|with alſo was an army of Scottes reyſed, and ioyning with the Frenchmen, they approched ye bordures where they lay for a ſeaſon,An army of Scots lieth the bordure. but the Erle of Hertford Lieutenant generall of the North partes comming downe, tooke ſuch dire|ction for the ſafe keeping of the Engliſh bor|dures, that after the Scottes had layne there in campe a certayne ſpace without atchieuing a|ny great enterprice, though ſome notable exploit was looked for to haue bene attempted by them at that preſent, they brake vp theyr armie and returned home.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The .xvj. of September about three or foure hundred Scottes and Frenchmen, attempted to enter into England on the eaſt bordures,French me [...] and Scot [...] [...]|uerthrowen but the Engliſhmen perceyuing where they were aboute to paſſe by a certayne ſtreyt, they ſet vpõ them with their Archers, diſcomfited them, ſley|ing, and taking to the number of ſeuen ſcore of them. Amongſt other that were taken, one of the Sonnes to the Lord Hume, with a French ca|pitayne, and George Elphinſton Archer of the corps to the French king, were accompted [...]f. Alſo on the Weſt bordures Robert Maxwell eldeſt ſonne to the Lord Maxwels,The Lorde Maxwelles ſonne taken pryſoner. was taken in a roade made by him & others into the En|gliſh confines on that ſide, although at an other time certaine Engliſhmen making a roade in|to Scotlande were diſtreſſed, the more parte of them beyng taken or ſlayne. At a Parliamẽt holden at Linluchque, begonne there the .xxviij. of September, and continued til the firſt of Oc|tober, Matthew Erle of Lennox, and Thomas biſhop of [...] were forfalted, & al their lãds and goodes giuen away and annexed to the Crowne. In this meane time the king of En|gland deſirous to haue the ſeruice of the Iles of Scotland for ſundry great cauſes and reſpects, moued the Erle Lẽnox to deale with them to ye ende, whiche hee did, and his trauell tooke ſuche effect, that the Iland men were cõtented to reſt at the king of Englande his deuotion,The Erle of Lennox p [...]|cureth the [...] of the Iles ſerue the king of England. partely for that they were in a maner ſworne enimies to the Erle of Argyle and his family, and part|ly for that they doubted the king of Englands puyſſance if he ſhoulde attempt to inuade thoſe EEBO page image 465 parties: and againe, bearing an olde ſpeciall fa|uor to the Earle of Lennox and his houſe, ha|uing an auntient bonde of alliance and amitie with the ſame, they were the more ready to ſa|tiſfie his motion. [...] lorde of [...]les ele| [...], being [...] of the Ma| [...]es. Herevpon, they elected amõgſt them a Lorde of the Iſles, nexte of the bloud, a title long ſithence righte odious to the ſtate of Scotland, and by the inducement of the Earle of Lennox, hee was contented as the Kyng of Englands pentioner, to receyue two thouſand Crownes of him yeerely, with certayne riche apparel of cloth of golde and ſiluer from the ſaid Earle.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The firſt proofe he attempted to ſhew of hys ſeruice in the King of Englands behalfe, was this, hauing inſtructions thereto from the Erle of Lennox, vnder colour of a conference, for matters touching the eſtate of the Countrey, he had ſuborned one of his aliance and ſeruantes, called ye Clane Reignald, [...] Rey [...] ſlayeth [...] Lorde [...]. to entrappe the Erles of Arguile and Huntley, and although they eſ|caped very narrowly, the Lord Louet an aun|tient Baron, and greate friende to thoſe two Earles, was ſlayne by the ſayd Clane, togyther with ſeauen hundred of his kinſmen and friẽds, in ſo muche, that there remayned not but one yong boy of that lignage to ſucceede in that Lords lands.

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