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[figure appears here on page 457]

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Queene Mary._THe Eternall God calling to his mer|cy Iames King of Scotland, the fifth of that name, Ma|ry his only daugh|ter and heire began hir raigne ouer the Realme of Scot|land the eyghtenth day of December, in the yere of our Lord .1542. 1542 Frauncis the firſte of that name then raigning in Fraunce, and Henry the eyght ouer the Engliſhmen.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 She was not paſt ſeuen dayes olde when hir father departing this life, left vnto hir his king|dome, hir mother lying in childbed in the Caſtel of Lithquo,The Lorde Leuingſton. of which place, ye Lord Leuingſton being Captayne, had the charge committed to him, both of the daughter and mother, with the mothers good agreement and free conſent.

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