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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 After this, the Queene wente vnto Saint Iohns towne, where ſhe was honourably recey|ued with great triumph made by the towne.The King and Queene at Aberdine. She was accompanied with the principall men of the Countrey, and from thence ſhee roade to Aber|dine, the king being then come vnto hir, where by the Towne and Vniuerſitie, they were receyued with great ioy, triumph, Pageants, verſes, and playes, ſet forth in ye beſt maner for their paſtime. They remayned there the ſpace of fiftene dayes, and were highly enterteyned by the Biſhop of that place. There were exerciſes and diſputati|ons helde in all kinde of ſciences in the Colledges and Schooles, with diuerſe Orations made in Greeke, Latine, and other languages, to the high prayſe and commendation of the maiſters and ſtudents in that Vniuerſitie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 From thence the king with the Queene re|turned to Dundee, where a coſtly entrie was prepared for them alſo, & after they had bin right princely enterteined there they came to Falkelãd.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the Moneth of May, ſir Iohn Borth|wike, commonlye called Capitayne Borth|wike, ſuſpected, defamed, and accuſed of hereſie,Captain Borth|wike accuſed of hereſie. was ſommoned to appeare in Saint Andrewes before the Cardinall, and diuerſe other Biſhops and Prelates there preſent, where notwithſtan|ding his abſence, the ſame being proued by ſuffi|cient witneſſe agaynſt him (as was thought) hee was conuict and declared an heretike: An ymage was made to reſemble him, and at the Market croſſe of the ſayd Citie, as a ſigne and a memori|all of his condemnation, it was burned, to the feare and example of other, but he himſelfe eſca|ped their handes and got into Englande, where he was receyued.

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