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Compare 1587 edition: 1 About the ſame tyme,The death of Iames Beton Archbiſhop of S. Andrewes. Iames Beton Arch|biſhop of Saint Andrewes, a man of great age, departed this life, and was buried in Saint An|drewes. Before his departure, he had prouided ſucceſſors to all his benefices, firſt to his Archbi|ſhop his ſea, and to the Abbay of Arbroth, maiſter Dauid Beton, afterwards Cardinall, and to the Abbey of Dunfermling maiſter George Dury, that was Archdeane of Saint Androwes. Theſe men without any gainſaying of the King en|tred with his good will into the ſame benefices, immediately after his deceaſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Iames Beton buylded a great part of the new Colledge of Saint Andrewes, and left great ſummes of money & treaſure to go through to make an ende of the ſame worke.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This yeare in the moneth of Auguſt ſir Ia|mes Hamilton of Finhart knight,


Sir Iames Ha|milton areſted

remayning as then in the towne of Edenbourgh, was arreſted by Dauid Wood Comptroller to the king, who charged him in the kings name to go vnto ward within the Caſtell of Edenbourgh, which com|maundement he willingly obeyed, thinking him|ſelfe ſure ynough, as well by reaſon of the good ſeruice he had done to the king ſpecially in repa|ring the Palaces of Striueling & Lin [...]igew, as alſo for that the king had him into high fauour, EEBO page image 446 that he ſtoode in no feare of himſelfe at all. Ne|uertheleſſe ſhortly after he was brought foorth to iudgement, and conuict in the Tolbuith of E|denbrough,Sir Iames Ha|milton be|headed. of certaine poyntes of treaſon layde agaynſt him, which he would neuer confeſſe, but that notwithſtanding, he was beheaded the day of September next enſuing.

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