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Compare 1587 edition: 1 From thence trauayling through the reſidue of the Iles, Maclane, and Iames Maconile of Kinter, being the two principal Captaines of the ſmall Iles, [...] Iles [...]th to [...] order. came likewiſe to the king, who at length landed at Dunbretaine, and ſent the cap|tayns and ſhips with priſoners to paſſe the ſame, way he came rounde aboute the coaſt ſo to come to Edenbourgh, where the ſame priſoners beeing arriued, the chiefe heades of them were kept in ward as pledges for good rule in their Countries, and were not ſuffred to depare ſo long as the king liued, whereby there followed greate quietneſſe, and as good obedience to the lawes throughout al the Iles, as there was in any part of the realm, and as good account and payment made to the kings Comptroller in his Exchequer, for the lands of the ſame Iles perteyning to the crowne, as for any part of the reuenues belonging there|vnto within the maine land.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Whileſt the king was in this voyage, the Queene was deliuered of a ſonne at Saint An|drewes,Queene [...]red of [...]. whereof the king being aduertiſed at hys landing, haſted with all po [...]dle diligence to the Queene, and ſhortly after was the childe bapti|ſed, and called Iames. The Archbiſhop of S. Andrewes, and the Earle of Arrane were God|fathers, and the Queene the Kings mother was Godmother. For the byrth of this Prince, there were b [...]ſ [...]s made through all partes of the Realme, wyth greate triumph and gyuing of thankes vnto God for the ſame.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 After this the Queene, mother to the K. retur|ned vnto Methwen, where after ſhe had remay|ned a certaine tyme, a ſickneſſe tooke hir, of the which ſhortly after ſhe departed this life,The Queene mother depar|ted this life. and was buried in the Charterhouſe Churche of Saint Iohns Towne, by the Tombe of King Iames the firſt. The king himſelfe and many Nobles of the Realme were preſent at the funeralles, which were kept in moſt ſolemne and pompous maner.

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