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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In September, in the yeare .1533. certaine Commiſſioners of either Realme were at New|caſtell to treate for redreſſe,1533 and recompenes to be made for the burning of townes and villages, ta|king of goodes, downe caſting of pyles, taking of ſhips, ſlaughters of men, and diuerſe other ſpoy|les and iniuries done, as well by the Sea as by the lande, from the .xxiij. day of Aprill in the yere 1532. vnto the day of the meeting of the ſame cõ|miſſioners, which doings were little leſſe in effect than had bene vſed in tyme of open warre, al|though the ſame was not proclaimed. Bycauſe therefore that the ſkath and iniuries fell out to be to greate on both ſides, that particular redreſſe coulde not bee had, the order thereof was referred to the pleaſure of both the Princes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Further it was agreed, that for a perpetuall peace to be concluded, certaine Commiſſioners ſhould be appoynted to treate thereof at London, as afterwardes they did. For the king of Scot|lande there were ſent as Commiſſioners aboute this treatie, William Stewarde Biſhop of A|bardine, the Abbot of [...]in [...]os, & ſir Adam Ster|burie knight, the which accompanied with diuers other knightes, barons, and gentlemen, came to EEBO page image 442 London, and were there right honourably recey|ued the .xxv. of March,1524 after they had beene be|fore the kings preſence, there were certaine Com|miſſioners appointed by him to treate with them of peace,A peace con|cluded. the which agreed vpon certaine condi|tions and articles for a peace to continue betwixt both kings during their naturall lines, and one yeare after the deceaſe of that prince, which fyaſt chaunced to depart this worlde, and ſo the Com|miſſioners returned into Scotland in the moneth of May next enſuing.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Ambaſsadors into France.About the ſame tyme, were ſent into France Dauid Beton Abbot of Arbroith, and Iames Erlkyn Secretarie as Ambaſſadors to require the Duke of Vandoſmes ſiſter in mariage for the King, with which motion the Ladie and hir friendes were verie well contented,The king him+ſelfe paſseth ſecretly into Fraunce. neuertheleſſe (as afterwardes ſhall appeare) the King himſelfe paſſing ſecretely into Fraunce in proper perſon, when he had once ſeene the Ladie, he liked hir not, and ſo became a ſuyter to the French king his el|deſt daughter Magdalen, whome hee obteyned, wherefore the duke of Vandoſmes ſiſter woulde neuer after match hirſelf with any other in mari|age, but profeſſed hirſelf in a houſe of Religion, where ſhe remained the reſidue of hir life time.

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