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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The .xv. day of Auguſt, a greate number of people being aſſembled at the Market in Camp|ſcenneth .lij. perſons were drowned in the Ferrie boate:A Ferrie boat drowned. amongſt the which were diuerſe honeſt men and women of the countrey.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The firſt of Marche, in the yeare .1530. the Abbot of Culroſe called Inglis,


An Abbot murthered.

was crueltye murthered by the Lorde of Tulliallan and hys ſeruants, amongeſt whome there was a Prieſt called ſir William Louthien, for the which they were apprehended, and the ſayde ſir William the xxvij. of the ſame moneth, vpon a publike ſhal|folde in Edenbourgh was degraded, (the King, Queene, and a great companie of people beeing preſent) and after his degradation, he was dely|uered to the Earle of Argile high Iuſtice, and the next day the ſayd Tulliallan, and the ſame prieſt were beheaded.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This yeare the Colledge court of Iuſtice cal|led the Seſſions,The Seſsions inſtituted. was inſtituted in Edenbourgh by the King, with conſent of the three eſtates in Parliament aſſembled, and after confirmed in Rome, in the which are fiftene Counſaylers or|dinarie, eight of them being ſpirituall perſons, of the which the moſt auncient is preſident, and ſe|uen temporall men, but ſo as by this number the Chancellor of the realme is aboue the preſident, when he is preſent. There are alſo foure coun|ſaylers extraordinarie, remoueable at the princes pleaſure.

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