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Compare 1587 edition: 1 About this ſeaſon,Iohn Scotte faſted fortie dayes, without receyuing any foode. a landed man named Iohn Scotte, that had trauelled abroade in the world, and nowe beeyng returned into Scotland, & by|cauſe it was bruted in other Countreys hee had faſted xl. dayes without either meate or drinke, EEBO page image 441 was for royall thereof put in Dauids Tower in Edenbourgh Caſtell, and diligent watch ſet vp|on him to [...] that hee had no ſuſtenaunce to re|lieue him withall, and ſo kept for fortie dayes, hee faſted all that tyme wythout any kinde of nouriſhment, to the greate woonder of the people.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1529In the Sommer of this yeare .1529. Archim|balde Dowglas, that had beene forfalted (as yee haue heard) came alone to the king while he was a hunting in Striueling Parke, and beſought his grace of pardon, which he had obteyned fully at his handes, bycauſe he fauoured him more than any of that ſu [...]name, if hee had not beene (as hee was in deede) altogither determined that none of them ſhoulde remaine wythin the land at that tyme,Archimbalde Dowglas ba|niſhed. and ſo he baniſhed him into France, where ſhortly after through griefe of mynde he departed this life.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The king com+meth to the borders.In the Moneth of Iune, the King with an armie, went to the borders to ſet order there for better rule to be kept, and to puniſhe ſuch as were knowen to be moſt culpable, & herevpon he cauſed xlviij. of the moſt notable theeues, with theyr Captaine Iohn Armſtrong to bee apprehended, the which being conuict of murther, theft, and treaſon,Theeues hanged. were all hanged on growing trees, to the enſample of others.

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