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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Erle of Angus incontinently ſente an Herrauit vnto the Larde of Boclough, to know what his intention was to doe, who aunſwered, that he came to do the King honour and ſeruice, and to ſhewe his friends and power as the vſe is of the borderers.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Earle of Angus wt the Lorde Hume, and the reſt, not being contente wyth thys aun|ſwere, bicauſe of the great feude betwixte hym and the Humes and the Karres, ſente vnto him a commaundemente in the Kings name to de|parte, and not to approche neere to the kinges preſence, vnder paine of high treaſon, wherevn|to he anſwered, that he knew the kings mind wel ynough, and would not ſpare for his commaun|demente to come to his graces preſence, whyche aunſwere receiued from him, incontinentlye the Earle of Angus, the Lords Fleming and Hume, the Karres, the Larde of Seſſeford, with theyr friendes, alighted on foote, the King remayning on horſebacke, accompanied with the Erle of Le|nox, the Lord Marwek, George Dowglas and Ninian Crechton. Tutor of Sanquh [...]r.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Lard of Bouclough lighted alſo on foote, but bicauſe the moſt parte of his men were of the theeues and outlawes of the borders commonly called broken men, vppon their firſte approche to the ioyning with their ſpeares, they fledde, lea|uing the Larde of Boclough with a ſmal num|ber of his owne ſeruauntes aboute him in all the daunger yet they defended themſelues righte mã|fully, and ſlewe the Larde of Seſſeforde and di|uers other on the Earle of Angus his ſide,

The Lard of Seſſeforde ſlaine.

The Lard of Boclough put to flight.

but finallye, ouerpreſſed with multitude, they were put to flight, and foureſcore of Bocloughes men ſlaine in the chaſe.

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