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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The great ſeale deliuered.The nobles of the Realme remaining thus at variance, and deuided amõg themſelues, there was ſmall obedience of lawes and iuſtice, diuers ſlaughters in ſundry parts were committed, great theftes and robberies made by the borderers vpõ the Inland Countries.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Moreouer, this yere ye diſpleaſure ſtil continuing betwixt the Queene the kings mother and hir huſband the Earle of Angus, ſhe clerely forſooke him and ſo vſed the matter that ſhe was married to. Henry ſtewarde, brother to Andrew Ste|warde Lorde Auendale to whome ſhe had borne good wil (as hath bin reported) long before which Henry was after created by the king Lorde of Methwen.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1526.The foure and twentith of Iulye, the King being accompanied with the Earle of Angus, ye Lorde Hume, the Karres and others, roade vnto Iedburgh, in purpoſe to haue reformed the miſ|goueraunce of ye borderers, but after that they had remained there three dayes with little obedience ſhewed towards them, they returned, and on the nine and twentith day of Iuly, at the Bridge of Melroſe,The Lard of Boclough his enterprice, to take the king from the Earle of Angus. the Lard of Boclough, accompanyed wt aboue a thouſand horſemen, began to ſhew him|ſelfe in ſighte, whoſe principall purpoſe was to haue taken the King from the Earle of Angus & his aſſiſtantes, being requeſted and commaunded by the King himſelfe ſo to do.

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