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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Many right commendable works were ac|compliſhed by this diligente Prelate, greatly to his praiſe and high renowne, for he ſpent not the frutes of his benefice in vayne, but on ſuche man|ner of buildings.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Conuention betwixt the Erle of Rothes and the Lorde Lindſey.The ſeuenteenth of Iune, there roſe greate ſturre in Edenburgh, by the falling out of the Erle of Rothes, and the Lord Lindſey, about the enioying of the Sherifweeke of Fife, by reaſon whereof, they were both put in warde, the one in Dunbar, and the other in Dunbertayne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The cauſe of [...]tred be|twixt the Queene and [...] husband.About the beginning of Auguſt, the Queene remayning in Edenburgh, vnderſtoode that the Erle of Angus hir huſband as then ſoiourning in Dowglas Dale, had taken a faire gentlewoman in thoſe partes, and kept hir as his concubine, for the which acte ſhe conceyued ſuch hatred againſte him, that there was neuer no perfect loue betwixt them aftewards. In the beginning of Februarie, there came a Clearke as Ambaſſador from the Frenche King with letters, concerning the con|cluding of the truce betwixt Scotland and Eng|land; whiche meſſage the Lords made ſmall ac|count of, bycauſe the king had omitted to com|prehend Scotlande in the league which he laſtly made with England.

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