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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Lordes regents were herewith maruel|louſly offended, and choſe the Earle of Arrane to be warden of the bordures in De la Bauties place, who was alſo choſen to be prouoſt of Edẽburgh: wherewith the Erle of Angus was highly diſ|pleaſed. But the Erle of Arrane, not ſeeming to paſſe muche thereof, tooke George Dowglas the ſaid Erle of Angus his brother, and Marke Kar, committing them to warde within the Caſtel of Edenburgh, bycauſe of the fauor he bare vnto the ſaid Lard of Wedderborne and his complices.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Moreouer, for due puniſhmente of the murder of the foreſayd De la Bautie, A Parlament called. there was a Parlia|ment called the ninetenth of February nexte, in ye which, Dauid Hume Lard of Wedderborne, & his three brethrẽ, William Cokborne and Iohn Hume, with diuers other their partakers,The Lard of Wedderborne indited. were indited for the beſieging of the Caſtell of Laugh|ton, the ſlaughter of Monſier de la Bautie, and for the ſetting vp of his head, intercomuning with the Engliſhmen, and diuers other miſdoings. Im|mediately after the end of this Parliamente, the Erle of Arrane came into the Mers,The Erle of Arrane com|meth into the Mers. with a great Army, and hauing with him the kings great Ar|tillerie, meante to haue beſieged ſuche places, as wold haue reſiſted him. But at his being in Lon|der, the keyes of ye Caſtell of Hume were brought vnto him, which on the next morow he receyued, and put men within it to keepe it as hee did in Laughton and Wedderborne, which he receyued at the ſame time.The maſter of Hales. The maſter of Hales was alſo ſought for at that time, that hee mighte haue bin apprehended to anſwere the ſlaughter of Dauid Hume, Prior of Coldingham, whome hee had EEBO page image 429 ſlayne trayterouſly. A little before this Parlia|mente, the Biſhop of Dunkeld was returned frõ ye French King with a bande of ye league renued betwixt Scotland and France.The band of league be|twixt Scotlãd and France. Captayne Mores. And at that ſame time, was one Captayne Mores a Frenchman ſent foorth of France, with a certayne number of men, to receyue the Caſtell of Dunbar into hys keeping, which accordingly he did, ye ſame beeing deliuered vnto him.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1518The Erle of Lenox, who had bin with ye go|uernor in France, returned home into Scotland, and with him came a Frenche Heralt from the king with letters, and maſter Walter Stewarde Abbot of Glenluce came likewiſe from ye gouer|noure.The Abbot of Glenluce And about that time, bycauſe the Queene and Lords were aduertiſed that the French king had contracted newe bandes of peace and amitie with the king of England, without making mẽ|tion of Scotlande, they thought themſelues euill vſed, being his confederate friends,The Scots euil vſed at the French kings hands. and therevpon ſent ſharp letters to the King of Fraunce, and to the gouernour, by Albany the Herralde.

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