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A Legate from Rome.

This yeare came a Legate into Scotlande from the Pope, with certaine priuiledges granted to the king and realme.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The .xxx. of Aprill was the Queene deliuered of a Prince in the Caſtell of Striueling,The Queene deliuered of hir ſecond ſon Alexander. whiche was baptiſed by the poſtulate of Dunfermling, being Archedeane of Saint Androwes, and in|ſtantly confirmed by the Biſhop of Cathnes, by the name of Alexander. During the time that the Queene lay in childbed, great diſcord fell out be|twixt the Lords of the weſt partes, and the other Lords of the realme: but ſhortly after the Queene called an aſſembly at Edenbourgh the .xij. of Iu|ly, where they were all well agreed. And herewith two of the Cleargie were ſent into Englande for peace, and the .xxviij. of the ſame moneth maiſter Iames Ogilbie Abbot of Drybourgh, and ſir Patrick Hamilton, & Lion the Herald came forth of France with Articles in writing from the king there, and the Duke of Albanie, by the which the Dukes comming was excuſed, bycauſe the king could not want him, till ſome ende were had tou|ching the warres betwixt him and the King of England, which was concluded in October next enſuing.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The mariage of the Queene mother.This yeare the .vj. of Auguſt, the Queene maried Archebald Dowglas Erle of Angus, and immediately after in Saint Iohns towne tooke the great Seale from the biſhop of Glaſgew that was Chancellor of the realme.The great ſeal taken from the Biſhop of Glaſgew. Wherevpon the ſayde Byſhoppe got him to Edenbourgh, where many Lords aſſyſted him, & kept out the Queene and hir new huſbande, ſo that they might not en|ter there, whereof greate diſcorde roſe within the Realme amongeſt the Nobles and Peeres of the ſame.

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