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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thus haue you heard how through raſhneſſe and lacke of ſkilful order, the Scottiſh army was ouercome, and that worthie Prince king Iames the fourth brought to his fatal ende, on the .ix. day of September, in the .xxv. yeare of his raigne and xxxix. of his age, which was in the yeare from the incarnation .1513. For his politike gouernment and due adminiſtration of iuſtice, which he exer|ciſed during the time of his raigne, he deſerued to be numbred amongeſt the beſt Princes that euer raigned ouer the Scottiſh nation.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 All theft, reife, murther, and robberie ceaſſed in his dayes, by ſuch rygorous execution of lawes penall as he cauſed to bee exercyſed through all the boundes of Scotlande:The ſauage people refor|med them|ſelues. Inſomuche that the ſauage people of the oute Iles ſorted themſelues through terror and dreade of due puniſhment to EEBO page image 423 liue after the order of lawes and Iuſtice, where otherwiſe of themſelues they are naturally incly|ned to ſedition and diſquieting of eche other. To conclude, men were in great hope, that if it had pleaſed the high determinate purpoſe of almigh|tie God to haue lente to him longer lyfe, hee ſhoulde haue brought the Realme of Scotlande to ſuche a flouriſhing eſtate, as the lyke in none of hys Predeceſſours tymes was yet euer heard of.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 There died with him in that vnfortunate bat|taile, of noble men, beſide other of the meaner ſort: The Archbiſhop of Saint Androwes his baſtard ſonne, the Biſhop of the Iles. The Abbots of In|chaffray and Kylwenny, the Erles of Montros, Crafford, Argile, Lenox, Glencar, Cathnes, Ca|ſtelles, Bothwel, Arrel high Coneſtable of Scot|land, Addel, Athol, & Morton: the Lords Louet, Forbos, Elueſton, Roos, Inderby, Saintcleare, Maxwel, & his three brethren, Daunley, Simple, Borthick, Bogony, Arſkil, Blackater, & Cowin: knights and gentlemen of name, ſir Iohn Dow|glas, Cutbert Hume of Faſt caſtell, ſir Alexander Seton, ſir Dauy, maiſter Iohn Grant, ſir Dun|kin Cawfield, ſir Saunder Lowder, ſir George Lowder, maiſter Marſhal, maiſter Key, maiſter Ellot, maiſter Cawell clerke of the Chauncerle, the deane of Elleſter, Mack Kene, Mack Clene, with many other.

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