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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Odonel profe|red friendſhip into K. Iames.The great Odonell of Ireland came to king Iames at Edenbourgh, the firſt of Iune, offring his friendſhip and ſeruice to him before all other Princes, and ſpecially agaynſt the king of Eng|land: whervpon he was thankfully receyued, ho|nourably enterteyned, and richly rewarded. And ſo the band of friendſhip being with him conclu|ded, he returned into his countrey.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The king prepared a great nauie of ſhippes, the principall whereof were the Michael, Margaret, and Iames. [...]ty ſent. They made ſayle towardes the ſea the .xxvij. of Iuly, and the king ſayled in the Mi|chaell himſelfe, till they were paſt the Ilande of May, Iames Gordon ſonne to George Earle of Hũtley being one of the captains of the ſame ſhip.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Cõmiſsioners met a [...] the borders.The Commiſſioners met on the borders in Iune, according to the appoyntment: but bicauſe the Engliſhmen would not conſent to make any redreſſe or reſtitution till the .xv. of October next,The Engliſh men detract the time. thinking by that delay and continuance of tyme, they ſhould vnderſtãd the ſtate of their kings pro|ceedings in Fraunce, and in the meane time re|teyne in theyr handes the Scottiſh mens goodes which they had taken both by ſea and land (as the Scottiſh writers affyrme,) the king of Scottes being thereof aduertiſed,A king of ar|mes ſent vnto king Henrie at England. ſent Lion king of armes vnto king Henrie then lying at ſiege before Ter|wine with letters of complaint, commaunding him that if King Henrie refuſed to accompliſhe the contents of his ſayde letters, hee ſhoulde de|nounce warre vnto him. Wherevpon Lion ar|ryuing in the Engliſhe armie with his cote of armes on his backe, about the middeſt of Auguſt, deſired to ſpeake with the king, and was within a ſhort ſpace by Garter chiefe king at Armes of England, brought to the kings preſence, hauing his nobles and counſellers about him, where with due reuerence, and ſome good wordes firſt vttred, he deliuered his letters, the tenor wherof enſueth.

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