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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Archdea|con of S. An|drowes came [...] of France.The Archdeacon of Saint Androwe [...] retur|ned forth of Fraunce in a greate ſhippe called the Threaſourer, which ſhip was caſt away on the coaſt of England, and the Archdeacon and foure C. perſons that were in hir, were brought to the king of England: but the Archdeacon in Nouẽ|ber following returned home and came to Eden|bourgh.The Erle Both well dyed. Adam Earle of Bothwell and Lorde Hales departed this life at Edenbourgh the .xvij. day of October, and Erle Patrick ſucceeded him.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1509Henrie the ſeuenth king of England, paſſed out of this world the .xxij. of Aprill, in the yeare .1509. and his ſonne Henrie the eight ſucceeded him,King Henrie the eight ſuc|ceedeth his father. af|ter whoſe coronation king Iames ſent an hono|rable Ambaſſade of certaine Lordes, and a By|ſhop to congratulate him at his firſt entrie into the rule of his kingdome, as to the maner in ſuch caſes apperteyneth.

Letters of marke againſt the Portin|gal [...].About the ſame time, Iohn Barton & Androw Bartõ, hauing letters of Mark of ye king againſt the Portingales, tooke diuers of their ſhips laden with rich marchandiſe, which they brought into Scotland.

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