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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The .xvij. of Februarie, Iames prince of Scot|lande departed this life at Striueling, and the Biſhop of Galoway alſo, who was appoynted to be his gouernor.

Compare 1587 edition: 1


An Ambaſſade [...]ent vnto the [...]ing.

The .ix. of May in the yeare next enſuing, the Lord D'obigny, and the preſident of Tholous, came from Lewes the Frenche king as Ambaſ|ſadors, to declare vnto king Iames, that he ment to matche his eldeſt daughter in maryage wyth Frances de Vallois Dolphin of Vien and Duke of Angoleſme, notwithſtanding that Charles K. of Caſtel that was after Emperor, made ſuite for hir. Bycauſe therefore he ment not to conclude any thing in ſuche a weightie matter withoute conſent of his confederates, of which he eſteemed king Iames as chiefe: he required him of his ad|uiſe and counſell therein, who after aduiſement taken, made anſwere,The kings anſwere. that albeit the King of France had ſufficient Counſell about him, yet ſith he had deſired his aduiſe, he would friendly giue the ſame: which was, that he ſhould rather marie his daughter within his owne Realme, vnto ſuche one as ſhoulde ſucceede him, than to beſtowe hir vpon any forrayne Prince, ſithe o|therwiſe ſome clayme myght bee made in tyme comming vnto the Crowne by ſuche as ſhoulde match with hir. And ſo with this anſwere the preſident of Tholous departed, reporting ye ſame at his cõming home vnto the French king, who thervpon folowed his own determination therin, confirmed and allowed thus by his confederate the king of Scotland.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Lord D'obigny tooke a ſickneſſe and died thereof at Corſtorphyn, in the Moneth of Iune,The Lorde Obignie died. and cauſed his heart to be ſent vnto Saint Nini|ans in Galloway, bycauſe he had vowed a pyl|grimage thither whileſt he remayned the French kings lieutenant in Naples, where he had atchie|ued many high enterpriſes agaynſt his enimies. His name was Bernard Steward, lieutenant of thoſe men of warre whiche Charles the .viij. of that name king of Fraunce did ſend with Henrie Erle of Richmond into England, when ye ſame Erle came againſt king Richard, whom he van|quiſhed, and therby got the Crowne. And ſo after many noble victories and valiant acts atchieued, this Lorde D'obigny ended his life in his owne countrey of Scotland where he was borne.

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