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Compare 1587 edition: 1 He is reſtored to his king|dome by the Erle of Arrane Lieutenant to king Iames.The Earle of Arrane according to his com|miſſion, attending the Daniſh king into his coũ|trey, reſtored him to his kingdom and former go|uernment, and ſo leauing him in peaceable poſſeſ|ſion thereof, returned with his armie againe into Scotland, with great honour both to himſelfe, the king, and realme.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Shortly after was a Parliament called, du|ring the which the Queene was crowned, and many good actes and conſtitutions made, eſpeci|ally touching the lymitting of places where iu|ſtice ſhould be miniſtred in the Iles and hie lands,The hyeland men obedient [...] lawes. whereby it came to paſſe, that the king was aſwel obeyed, and his lawes were as duely obſerued and kept by the hie lande men as by thoſe that dwelled in any part of the low land.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 1504The king then being at peace with England, and iuſtice ſo miniſtred amongeſt his owne ſub|iects, that they liued in greate reſt and quietneſſe, certaine of his counſell deuiſed wayes to winne the king great profite and gaynes by calling hys barons and all thoſe that helde any landes with|in his realme,A deuiſe to get the king money. to ſhew their euidence by way of re|cognition, and if they had not writings to ſhewe, (according to the auncient inſtruments & lawes of the realm ſufficient for their warrant, the lands ſhoulde remaine at the kings pleaſure: but when the king perceyued his people to grudge herewith, and not without cauſe, as with a thing deuiſed to diſquiet his people and the whole countrey, of his owne curteous and gentle nature, he eaſily agreed with the poſſeſſors of ſuch lands: for the whiche he purchaſed great loue amongeſt his people, and the deuiſors of that ordinaunce wanne paſſing great hatred and malice.

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