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Compare 1587 edition: 1 A peace con|cluded be|twixt England and Scotland.At the ſame time, when this mariage was ſo agreed vpon, a peace alſo was concluded betwixt the kings of Englande and Scotlande, for the tearme of theyr two lyues. And to auoyde that none of eyther of the ſayde kings ſubiects that had offended the lawes ſhould be receyued into any of theyr dominions, it was accorded that no Eng|liſh man ſhoulde come within Scotland without his Princes letters ſupplicatorie vnto the king of Scottes, nor any Scottiſh man to come within England without the like letters from his prince, deſiring ſafeconduct and paſſeport.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1501In the yeare nexte enſuing, the Biſhoppe of Glaſgew, the Earle Bothwell, and other noble men of Scotlande, were ſent in Ambaſſade from king Iames vnto the king of Englande, for the perfiting of the foreſayde mariage betwixt King Iames, and the Ladie Margaret, eldeſt daughter to king Henrie, which Earle by letters of procu|racie and Mandate, in the name of his maiſter king Iames, affied and handfaſted the foreſayde Ladie Margaret in all ſolemne wiſe, according to the maner:

This was in the yeare.


which aſſurance and contract thus made, was publiſhed at Paules Croſſe in Lon|don, on the day of the conuerſion of Saint Paule, in reioyſing whereof Te Deum was ſung, and Fiers made, with great feaſting and banketting throughout that Citie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This done, the Ambaſſadors returned into Scotlande, and then afterwardes was great pre|paration made in Englande for the conueying of the ſayde Ladie into Scotlande: and lykewyſe great purueyance there for the receyuing of hir.

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