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Compare 1587 edition: 1 He deſired him therefore to withdraw forth of his Realme, eyther into Flanders to his Fathers ſiſter the Ladie Margaret, or into ſome other place where it pleaſed him to abide, and expecte ſome better time more conuenient for his purpoſe. The ſayde Richarde gaue the king thankes,Perkyn War|becke went in|to Irelande. and obayed his pleaſure, departing ſhortly after out of Scotland,Came into F [...]anders. and ſayled into Ireland, from thence to tranſport into Flannders. But finally ma|king an attempt into Englande, he was taken priſoner in the Abbay of Beaulieu togither with his wife, whoſe beautie was ſuch, as king Henrie thought hir a more meete pray for an Emperor, than for ſouldiers, and therefore vſed hir right ho|nourably, appoynting hir to remaine in the court with the Queene his wife: where ſhee continued ſo long as the ſayde king lyued.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This yeare the peace being well kept betwixt England and Scotland,1499 the ſame was neare at poynt to haue beene broken,The truce lik [...] to be broken. by reaſon that the Engliſh men which lay in gariſon within the ca|ſtell of Norham, did make a fray with certaine Scottiſh men that came ryding neare to the Ca|ſtell as it had bene to haue viewed it, but although they ment no euill, yet diuerſe of the Scottiſhmen were ſlaine, and many wounded and ſore hurt, ſo that king Iames hauing information therof, was ſore diſpleaſed therwith, thinking and ſaying that there was no more vncertaine thing, than to haue peace with Englande. And herevpon he ſent his Heralde Merchmount with ſharpe and vehement letters vnto the king of Englande, making great complaint for this iniurie and wrong done to hys ſubiects by thoſe within the Caſtell of Norham, but receyuing moſte reaſonable letters for excuſe of that which was done, as well from the king of Englande himſelfe,King Iames requireth to talke with the Biſhop of Durham. as from the Biſhop of Dur|ham owner of the Caſtell, hee was indifferently well appeaſed and ſatiſfied, ſo that he requyred to haue the Biſhop to come into Scotlande vppon ſafeconduct to common with him, as well for the full quieting of this matter, as for other things which he had to talke with him of.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Biſhop by licence of the king his maſter accompliſhed the Scottiſh kings requeſt, ſo that comming into Scotland, he was receyued by him right honourably at Melroſe, where after certain talke had betwixt them for the appeaſing of thys laſt diſpleaſure,King Iames purpoſeth to be a ſurer for mariage in England. the king brake with the Biſhop for the hauing of the Ladie Margaret, eldeſt daughter to Henrie the ſeuenth, as then king of England, to be giuen him in mariage: and fur|ther declared that he was minded to ſende his O|rators vnto hir father the ſayde king Henry about the ſame matter.

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