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Compare 1587 edition: 1 A truce con|cluded for yeares.After long conference and much talke had, for the concluſion of a generall peace, finally nothing but a truce might be accorded for certaine yeares, though Hialas did what hee poſſible might, to haue agreed them for all maner of matters, qua|rels, demaundes and cauſes, whatſoeuer the ſame had beene,The cauſe why Hialas was ſent. that a perpetual peace might haue bene concluded, bycauſe he was cheifely ſent for that intent.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The king of Englande requyred to haue the counterfeyte Duke of Yorke (otherwiſe named Perkin Warbecke) deliuered vnto him: but king Iames (eſteeming his honour more than anye earthly thing) woulde in no wiſe ſeeme to betray him that fled to him for ſuccor,An article for Perkin War|beck. and with whome he had coupled one of his owne kinneſwomen in mariage, but he was contented to couenant, that the ſame Perkyn ſhoulde be conſtrayned to de|part out of Scotland, and not to be further ayded by him, of [...] any other through his meanes or procurement.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The king of Scottes to keepe promiſe made in the ſayde treatie of peace, and knowing himſelf to be abuſed by the ſayde Richarde, whom he had reputed to be verily Duke of Yorke,K. Iames rea|ſoneth with the counter|feyt Duke of Yorke. although hee was not ſo, called him before his preſence, and de|clared to him the greate fauour and good wyll which he had borne towardes him, putting him in remembraunce that for his ſake he had taken warre in hande agaynſt Englande, and inuaded the Countrey in hope of aſſyſtance by his friends within the lande, where not one reſorted to him. And albeit he had maried his neare kinſwoman, yet might he not keepe longer warre with Eng|lande for his ſake onely, except he might be ſure of ſome ayde through his meanes, wherof he could ſee no appearance.

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