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Compare 1587 edition: 1 He was thus ſlayne neere to Sterling, on the eleuenth day of Iune, the yeere after the incarna|tion.1488. 1488. being alſo in the .29. of his raigne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Iames. [figure appears here on page 408] NOwe then, after that the Barons of Scotland hadde thus ſlayne their ſoueraigne Lorde and liege King Iames, the third of that name: his eldeſt ſonne Iames the fourth was crowned King of Scot|lande, and beganne hys raigne the .24. of Iune, in the yeere .1488. being not paſt ſixteene yeeres of age, who notwithſtanding that he had bin in the fielde with the Nobles of the Realme againſte his father that contrary to his mind was ſlayne,The King was repentãt. yet neuertheleſſe afterwardes, he became a ryght noble Prince, and ſeemed to take great repentãce for that his offence, and in token thereof, he ware continually an Iron chayne about hys middle all the dayes of his life.

The King wore an yron chayne.

Was giuen to deuotion.

He was greatly giuen to deuotion and prayer, viſiting religious houſes, and beſtowing on them ſundry giftes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 He gouerned his Realme in greate reſt, peace,He was a great iuſticer. Iuſtice and quietneſſe, riding him ſelfe in proper perſon diuers dayes and nightes, to ſuppreſſe and take theeues, robbers, and oppreſſors of his ſub|iects in all parts of the Realm, til he had brought the countrey to great quietneſſe.

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