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Compare 1587 edition: 1 But nowe to ſhewe further what wee finde written concerning the manner and cauſe of the baniſhmente of the afore remembred Thomas Boyd,Giouan Fer|rerio in hys appendix of the Scottiſh hiſtory. Giouan Ferrerio, in his appendix of the Scottiſh hiſtorie annexed vnto Hector Boetius laſtly imprinted at Paris anno .1574. agreeth not with that which ye haue red before, for as hee tel|leth the tale, the ſayd Lord Boyd being one of the gouernours of the Realme, elected thereto (as be|fore ye haue heard) within ſhorte time grewe ſo faire in fauoure with the King,The Lorde Boyd beareth all the rule about the King. that he might do all things with him at his pleaſure, although hys aſſociates in authoritie did neuer ſo much goe a|bout to hinder his deuiſes, by reaſon whereof, hee ſeemed to vſurp the whole rule and adminiſtra|tion of the Realme into his owne handes, ſore to the greefe of thoſe his ſaid aſſociates being ioyned with him in like office.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Hereof the ſtate of the commõ wealth through the diſſention thus bred among the gouernours, was brought into a miſerable plighte:Through de|fault of agre|ment in the gouernors, [...]|uill diſpoſed men wa [...]e bolde to work miſchiefe. for iuſtice in moſt places wãted hir due courſe, ſo as theeues and robbers taking boldneſſe thereof not only vp|pon the bordures, but alſo elſe where, beganne to exerciſe greate outrage, to the breache of publike peace, and namely yt inhabitants of the out Iſles fell to their wonted trade of pilfering, ſo that paſ|ſing ouer in their long boates or Barges, and landing here and there on the ſhore, they tooke prayes of Cattell and other goodes, greatly to their profite, and no leſſe domage of the people that inhabited on the coaſtes ouer againſt thẽ.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 In the North parts alſo, ſeditious tumults a|mongſt the nobles gentlemen and people, were reyſed, to the great diſquieting of the whole coun|trey. Suche diſorders continued no ſmall time, and bycauſe the ſayde Thomas Lord Boyd bare greateſt rule about the King,They that be in authoritie be euer ſub|iect to the ſpiteful blowe of enuies da [...]t. the blame (as it cõ|monly happeneth was imputed to him. At lẽgth when the King was growen to ripe yeeres, and able to ſee to the adminiſtration of the common wealth him ſelfe, he was admoniſhed by certaine graue perſonages to haue ſome regard, that ſuche miſorders as diſquieted the whole ſtate of the Realme, might be reformed. Wherevpon he cal|led a Parliament, in the which whether through enuy that the Lordes had conceyued againſte the Lord Boyd, or for that his doings no leſſe deſer|ued ſuch complaynte,The Lorde Boyd is accu|ſed. was exhibited by generall voyces of the eſtates againſt him, that it was de|creed by authoritie of the whole aſſembly, that he ſhould come to aunſwer in iudgemẽt ſuch crimes wherewith he was charged: but when hee refuſed ſo to do,He refuſeth to be tryed by way of arr [...]in|ment. and in contempt of the Kings authoritie gote togither a power of armed men, to defende him frõ iniurie that might ſeeme (as he pretẽded) to be offered him. Atlength the King was dri|uen of neceſſitie to make preparation for the lea|uying of an army to apprehende him by force. Whereof Boyd being aduertiſed,He fleeth into England. fled into Eng|land, bycauſe he perceiued himſelfe not able to re|ſiſt the Kings power. The King aſſured that hee was thus auoyded out of his Realme, baniſhed him for euer, and ſeaſed vpon his lands and goods as forfeted. After this, when the ſayd Boyd ſawe no hope to returne againe into the Kings fauor, and finding no great comfort among the Eng|liſhmen, he paſſed from thence into Denmarke,He paſſeth in|to Denmarke. where he remayned till the mariage was conclu|ded betwixt the King and the Lady Margaret, daughter to the King of Denmarke, as yee before haue heard: and then in hope by occaſion of thys EEBO page image 401 marriage to obtayne pardon,His [...]ayn hope to obtayne pardon. returned nowe in company of the Bride, and of thoſe Ambaſſadors that were ſent to haue the conueyance of hir into Scotlande: neuertheleſſe, vnderſtanding by hys wife that came to him a ſhipboorde before he ſet foote on land, that the kings diſpleaſure continu|ed ſtill towardes him ſo greatly, that if he came a land, he ſhuld be ſure to loſe his head, he returned into Denmarke, and tooke his wife with hym (as before is mẽtioned.)He goeth in|to Italy. He is mur|thered. Finally he went into Italy, where at length he was murthered by one, whoſe wife he went about to allure for the ſatiſfying of his ſenſuall luſt. Before he was diuorced frõ hys wife the kings ſiſter, he begate on hir a ſonne, the which in the dayes of king Iames the fourth, in a priuate quarrell that roſe betwixte him and an other noble mã, chanced to be ſlayne. This much touching the Lord Thomas Boyd of Kalmar|nock out of Ferrerio: who alſo in report of ye mat|ter touching the marriage betwixt the king and the daughter of Denmarke, ſomewhat varieth from [...] other that write thereof.

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