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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The King of Norway re|ſigneth his title to the ou [...] Iles.Hir father the King of Denmarke and Nor|way, in name of hir dower, tranſported and re|ſigned to King Iames all his right, title, and in|tereſt which he pretended to the out iles. The Ambaſſadours that were ſent into Denmarke to conclude this mariage, and to conuey the Bride into Scotland, were theſe: Andrew Duſdeir Bi|ſhop of Glaſgo, the Biſhop of Orkney, the Lorde Auandale Chancellor of Scotlande, and Tho|mas Boyd Earle of Arrane, who had married the kings ſiſter, and was now in his abſenſe rũne into the Kings diſpleaſure, whereof his wife ha|uing intelligence, hearing of hir huſbands arriual with ye other in the forth, gote out of Edinburgh, and comming a ſhipborde vnto him, gaue hym to vnderſtande what diſpleaſure the King hadde conceyued againſt him: who perceyuing himſelfe in what daunger he ſtoode if he tooke lande,The Earle of Arrane in the Kings diſ|pleaſure. retur|ned backe into Denmarke, taking his wife with him. The King heerewith was ſo offended, that he cauſed both the ſayd Earle and his father to be atteynted of high treaſon, and ſente for his ſiſter backe into Scotlande, cauſing a diuorſe in ab|ſence of hir huſbande to be ſewed, and gote ſoorthe betwixt them,The Lord Ha|milton ma| [...]eth the kings ſiſter. marrying hir afterwardes to the Lord Hamilton, to whome hee gaue the Earle|dome of Arrane, which hir former huſband had in gift before. Of this marriage, thoſe of the houſe of Hamilton are diſcend [...]d, & are neereſt of bloud to ye Crowne of Scotland as they pretend.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 But nowe to ſhewe further what wee finde written concerning the manner and cauſe of the baniſhmente of the afore remembred Thomas Boyd,Giouan Fer|rerio in hys appendix of the Scottiſh hiſtory. Giouan Ferrerio, in his appendix of the Scottiſh hiſtorie annexed vnto Hector Boetius laſtly imprinted at Paris anno .1574. agreeth not with that which ye haue red before, for as hee tel|leth the tale, the ſayd Lord Boyd being one of the gouernours of the Realme, elected thereto (as be|fore ye haue heard) within ſhorte time grewe ſo faire in fauoure with the King,The Lorde Boyd beareth all the rule about the King. that he might do all things with him at his pleaſure, although hys aſſociates in authoritie did neuer ſo much goe a|bout to hinder his deuiſes, by reaſon whereof, hee ſeemed to vſurp the whole rule and adminiſtra|tion of the Realme into his owne handes, ſore to the greefe of thoſe his ſaid aſſociates being ioyned with him in like office.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Hereof the ſtate of the commõ wealth through the diſſention thus bred among the gouernours, was brought into a miſerable plighte:Through de|fault of agre|ment in the gouernors, [...]|uill diſpoſed men wa [...]e bolde to work miſchiefe. for iuſtice in moſt places wãted hir due courſe, ſo as theeues and robbers taking boldneſſe thereof not only vp|pon the bordures, but alſo elſe where, beganne to exerciſe greate outrage, to the breache of publike peace, and namely yt inhabitants of the out Iſles fell to their wonted trade of pilfering, ſo that paſ|ſing ouer in their long boates or Barges, and landing here and there on the ſhore, they tooke prayes of Cattell and other goodes, greatly to their profite, and no leſſe domage of the people that inhabited on the coaſtes ouer againſt thẽ.

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