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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Duke of Sommerſet, in hope of great fa|uor which he ſhuld finde in England, perſwaded King Henry to paſſe thither,


King Henry returneth into Englande.

and with a greate company of Scottiſhmen he entred Englande, and many of the North parts reſorted vnto him, but at length, at his comming to Exam, ye Lord Montague with a greate power was ready to giue him battell, and there diſcomfited hym and his whole army. The Duke of Sommerſet and [figure appears here on page 399] the Lords Hungerford and Roſſe, were taken & put to death, the Duke at Exham, and the Lords at Newcaſtell. King Henry eſcaped very hardly into Scotland againe, and there remayned a cer|tayne ſpace after, till at length he thought to re|turne into Englande in ſuche ſecrete wiſe, as hee ſhould not haue bin once knowen, till hee mighte haue gote amongſt his friendes, whiche woulde haue ſupported him: but ſuch diligent watch was layde for him all alongſt the bordures,King Henry is [...]ſoned. that hee was eſpyed taken and deliuered to King Ed|ward his aduerſarie, who ſhut him vp in ye To|wer of London till he was at lẽgth therein made away, as in the Hiſtory of England ye may ſee more at large.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yere .1466.1466 that famous Biſhop Iames Kenedie departed this life, and was buried in the Colledge of S. Sauiour, foũded by him within ye town of S. Androwes in moſt ſumptuous wiſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Prelate in prudent policie excelled al o|ther Scottiſh Biſhops, of whom any writer ma|keth mentiõ. He kept ye Realme in good quiet, and obſerued ye truce concluded with ye Engliſhmẽ, to ye great weale and cõmoditie of ye pore commõs.

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