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Compare 1587 edition: 1 He is reſ [...]o| [...]ed by the Erle of Angus.George Dowglas Earle of Angus as then Warden of the Marches, immediately reyſed a power of .23000. men, and comming with the ſame to the bordures,Alias .13000. choſe foorth of all his num|bers fiue thouſande of the moſt able horſemen in al his army, and comming with them to the Ca|ſtell about the middeſt of the day, tooke the Frẽch|men away with him into Scotlande, the Eng|liſh army whiche lay there at ſiege beholding the manner, and not once making profer to fyghte with him. Some Engliſhmen there were, that woulde fayne haue foughten with the Scottes, but other (whoſe counſell was followed) were o|therwiſe minded, alledging, that better it were to let them paſſe without encounter, ſith they left the Caſtell voyde, than to ieoperd vpon the doubtfull chance of battell, for though their number were not greate, yet were they piked and choſen men, able to atchieue a great enterpriſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1


The Queene mother dyed.

After this, the ſixteenth of Nouember, in the yeere .1463. the Queene of Scottes, mother to Iames the thirde, dyed at Edynburgh, and was buryed in the Colledge of the Trinitie, which ſhe hir ſelfe had founded.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This woman, after the deceſſe of hir huſband Iames the ſeconde,Adham Hep|bornes fami|liaritie with the Queene of Scottes, mo|ther to Iames the thirde. liued ſomewhat diſſolutely, procuring Adam Hepborne of Hales a married mã to keepe hir ſuch familiar company, as foun|ded greatly to hir diſhonor, for that ſhe could not within the whole Realme fynde ſome ſingle man amongſt all the nobilitie, with whome ſhe might haue married, and ſo in parte to haue auoyded the greater open ſlander and infamy.

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