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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Pierre de Brezey,Monſieur de la Varen [...]e ſent foorth of Fraunce to ayde the par [...] of Margaret Queene of Englande. otherwiſe called le Seig|neur de la Varenne, great Seneſhal of Normã|dy, was ſent by the French King Lewes the ele|uenth, with two thouſande fyghting men to ayde the parte of Kyng Henry agaynſte King Ed|warde.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Brezey was one, that was moſt in fa|uoure with King Charles the ſeuenth, father vn|to the ſayde Kyng Lewes, and therefore (as ma|ny dyd ſuppoſe) hee was appoynted by Kyng EEBO page image 399 Lewis (who greatly loued him not) to be chiefe in this iourney, to the end his life might be put in hazarde and aduenture, notwithſtanding after ſome danger both of tempeſt on the Sea, and alſo of the enimies handes, hee wanne the Caſtels of Bamburgh and Dunſtanburgh which he caſt to the grounde,He keepeth Anwike Ca|ſtell, and is beſeeged. and after tooke in hande to keepe the Caſtell of Anwike, and beeing beſeeged therein, ſent for ayde to the Scottes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 He is reſ [...]o| [...]ed by the Erle of Angus.George Dowglas Earle of Angus as then Warden of the Marches, immediately reyſed a power of .23000. men, and comming with the ſame to the bordures,Alias .13000. choſe foorth of all his num|bers fiue thouſande of the moſt able horſemen in al his army, and comming with them to the Ca|ſtell about the middeſt of the day, tooke the Frẽch|men away with him into Scotlande, the Eng|liſh army whiche lay there at ſiege beholding the manner, and not once making profer to fyghte with him. Some Engliſhmen there were, that woulde fayne haue foughten with the Scottes, but other (whoſe counſell was followed) were o|therwiſe minded, alledging, that better it were to let them paſſe without encounter, ſith they left the Caſtell voyde, than to ieoperd vpon the doubtfull chance of battell, for though their number were not greate, yet were they piked and choſen men, able to atchieue a great enterpriſe.

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