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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſame time,Barwike deli|uered to the Scottiſhemen. King Henry deliuered the towne and Caſtell of Barwike into the Scot|tiſhmens hands, whether by couenant thereby to haue the foreſaid ſafec [...]nduct graunted, or of his owne voluntary will, to the ende he mighte haue the more ſupport and fauoure amongſt them, it is vncertayne by the variable reporte of writers.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Neuertheleſſe,A truce for 15. yeeres. ſhortly after a truce was taken betwixt King Iames and King Edwarde, for the tearme of fifteene yeeres, vpon what conditi|ons or promiſes made on King Edwardes parte I fynde not.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This truce was concluded in the Moneth of May, in the yeere .1462. at the Citie of Yorke,1462 whither had bin ſente the Biſhop of Glaſgo, the Earle of Argile, keeper of the priuie ſeale, the Ab|bot of holy Roode Houſe, Sir Alexander Boyde, and ſir William Crawſton Knightes, Ambaſ|ſadors and commiſſioners for King Iames.

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