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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 1458.After this, King Henry of Englande, percey|uing that the Duke of Yorke by the counſell of the Earle of Warwike, ceaſſed not to practiſe conſpiracies againſt him, ſent eftſoones to kyng Iames, requiring him of ayde againſt them, and promiſed therefore to reſtore vnto the King of Scotland, the Lands in Northumberlãd, Cum|berland, the Biſhoprike of Dureſme and ſuche like, which the Kings of Scotland had helde be|fore. This offer was accepted, and by treaties and contracts accorded, ſealed, and enterchanged be|twixt the two Princes (as the Scottiſhmen al|ledge.) The yeere next following,1459 at the Queene of Englandes deſire to ſupporte hir againſte the houſe of Yorke, King Iames with a great army entred England, but after that the Queene in the meane time had ſlayne the Duke of Yorke, and gote the vpper hande of hir enimies, at the ſame Queenes requeſt, hee retired into Scotlande a|gaine. Neuertheleſſe ſhortly after, when ye Erles of March and Warwike ſought ſtill to mayne|teyne their quarrell againſt the Queene of Eng|lande, ſhe was conſtreyned to withdraw into the North partes,1460 and to deſire King Iames to ap|proche eftſoones with his armie vnto the bor|dures whiche he did, meaning to winne the Ca|ſtels of Roxburgh and Warke, whiche were a|mongſt other things promiſed to bee deliuered vnto him by King Henry: and ſo comming to Roxburgh, laide his armie round about that Ca|ſtell, and planted his ſeege in full warlike man|ner. Here the King hauing greate experience in knowledge of ſhooting greate artillerie, departed from his campe, accompanyed with the Earle of Angus and others, and came to the trenches where the great ordynaunce was planted, which he cauſed to be ſhot off.King Iames the ſecond is ſlayne. Aand here by great miſ|fortune, this worthy Prince Iames the ſeconde, was ſlayne by the ſlice of a great peece of artil|lerie, which by ouercharging chanced to breake, and ſlewe not only the King ſtanding ſomewhat neere it, but alſo hurte the Earle of Angus with other, being a notable preſident from hencefoorth, how ſuch great Princes approch ſo neere within daunger of ſuch peeces of ordynance when they are ſo ſhotte off.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 He was thus killed the third day of Auguſt,Alias .17. in the yeere of his life .29. of his raigne .24. and af|ter the incarnation .1480.


The buriall of Iames the ſeconde.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 His body was buried with all funerall obſe|quies according to his eſtate, within the Mona|ſterie of Holyroode houſe at Edynburgh, the peo|ple generally lamenting his deathe with no leſſe ſorowe and dolefull mone,The lamen|tation of the people. than as is ſeene in a priuate houſe for the deceaſſe of the welbeloued maiſter and owner thereof.

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