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Compare 1587 edition: 1 But nowe to returne where I loſte, after the Dowglaſſes were once diſpatched, and thyngs quieted, King Iames the ſeconde began then to raigne and rule really, not doubting the controle|ment of any other perſon.Lawes ordey|ned. For then he ordeyned lawes for his people as ſeemed beſt to his lyking, commaunding the ſame to be kept vnder greate penalties and forfeytures. And being counſelled chiefly by the Biſhop of S. Androwes, Iames Kenedie that was his vncle, and the Earle of Orkney, hee paſſed through all the partes of hys Realme,A general par|don graunted. graunting a generall pardon of all of|fences paſſed. And ſo hee ruled and gouerned hys ſubiects in greate quietneſſe, and cauſed iuſtice ſo duely to be miniſtred on all ſides, that it was ſaid in his days, how he cauſed the raſhe buſh to keepe the Cowe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeere .1455. the King helde a Parlia|mente,


A Parliament holden.

in whiche were many good lawes made and eſtabliſhed for the weale of all the Realm, as in the bookes of ye actes of Parliamẽt is cõteyned.

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